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Monte J. Chambers

Consultant, Instructor, Public Servant
Monumental Access is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to guiding organizations through challenges with strategic insights and practical solutions.



About Us

The MA³ concept revolves around three foundational pillars designed to enhance organizational resilience and reputation management through strategic crisis communication. Firstly, Meaningful Assurance involves offering clients robust crisis communication plans, including training in public speaking, de-escalation, and executive presence development, to safeguard their reputation. Secondly, Messaging Accuracy stresses the critical role of precise and clear communication during crises, assisting in branding, promotional activities, and strategic planning. Lastly, Mitigate Adversity focuses on formulating strategies to overcome challenges, employing frameworks and best practices to develop effective crisis communication plans. Together, these pillars equip organizations with the tools needed to navigate and thrive in the face of adversity.

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