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About Me

Consultant. Instructor. Public Servant.

Monte Chambers is a distinguished professional with an extensive background in public service, particularly in emergency medical services and law enforcement. His career journey began as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Saint Louis City Fire Department Bureau of Emergency Services, where he honed his skills in emergency response and critical care. 


Monte's educational pursuits at Lindenwood University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in public relations, have equipped him with a versatile skill set and a unique perspective on problem-solving.


Throughout his nine years as a police officer for both St. Louis City and County police departments, he played a pivotal role in the implementation of innovative police active bystandership programs. These programs promote a culture of intervention and accountability among law enforcement officers, reinforcing the significance of ethical conduct and responsible policing.


Professionally, as an Executive Assistant within the City of Saint Louis Department of Public Safety, Monte oversees communications and operations for seven departments, including the Fire/EMS and Police Department. In this role, he manages supervisors and public information officers, ensuring that critical information is communicated effectively across multiple platforms. His efforts contribute to a transparent, empathetic, and engaged community, aligning with governmental practices. 


Monte is also celebrated for his work in crisis communications, offering specialized courses tailored for public safety leaders. His dynamic teaching style, combined with his vast experience in emergency response and law enforcement, makes him a sought-after instructor. Monte focuses on the importance of understanding de-escalation techniques and how to mitigate conflict in violent encounters, emphasizing practical skills and strategies that participants can apply immediately. His teachings are not only informative but transformative, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.


With years of combined experience in instructing, public speaking, and handling crisis communication, Monte Chambers has become a pillar in the fields of public relations and strategic communications. His work underscores the critical need for effective communication and conflict resolution skills in maintaining public safety and fostering community trust.

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